The power of prayer

By coming here, and then praying with knowledge of what is going on, you are helping in the work of the Kingdom of God.

As a friend in Northern Ireland commented: “More prayer, more power”.

We earnestly covet your prayers.
Please bookmark our home page and come back often.

Helps to prayer

The Mission provides supporters with material to help you pray more intelligently. Click on the buttons for more details of each item.

Prayer Update

The primary source of information is the monthly PRAYER UPDATE. This is available to download in pdf format or can be sent to you via email or as a printed booklet. See the “Contact Us” page.

Spotlight on Spain

The Mission magazine SPOTLIGHT ON SPAIN is published twice a year. It is available to download in pdf format or can be posted to you as a printed booklet. See the “Contact Us” page.

Spanish Experience Conferences

The Mission organises SPANISH EXPERIENCE Conferences in Spain in alternate years. The next one will be 14-21 September 2024

Prayer Groups and Deputation Meetings

There are also PRAYER GROUPS in some places and DEPUTATION MEETINGS from time to time.

SGM Android App

Finally, there is now an app for Android phones. The App is part of “Back to the Bible” and requires you to register to use it. The details you are requested to enter will be used by Back to the Bible. For more information please read the terms and conditions and the privacy policy.

It opens up with the possibility of storing Bible readings and songs and videos and then you scroll down to the SGM logo. Then you can open up the details of each church and Monescillo using Facebook. Santa Cruz doesn’t have a Facebook page yet though. There is the option of using English rather than Spanish, though the English verson is a machine translation, with variable results. The SGM website is there too.

Either use the QR code or go to the Play Store and search for: MEE/SGM.